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Did a famous actor take a game show host job just so another comedian wouldn’t get it?

By Jack Bagley

Well, it’s time for another mea culpa. Seems I got a part of an earlier column wrong.

My friend Hondo at took me to task about an item in the column two weeks ago concerning the radioactive grave at Arlington National Cemetery. The part about the accident and the grave was correct; I messed up on the type of reactor.

I had said that the reactor used one control rod. Hondo pointed out that the reactor actually used up to nine control rods, and on the day of the accident was using five. One rod was the “primary” control rod, and that’s the one that the unfortunate Spec. McKinley moved too far too fast, causing his and two other deaths.

Thanks, Hondo, for catching that and keeping me honest! Now on to this week’s trivia!

Did you know …

… between 1940 and 1987, ninety-four patents were taken out on shaving mugs? (How do you patent a shaving mug, anyway? Isn’t it just a coffee cup with soap in it?)

Get the rest of the story in the March 4th Lanier County News edition.

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