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Sure Fire Ways to Create a Lanier County Firestorm

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LANIER COUNTY, Georgia – The Lanier County News (LCN) made an open records request and some of the information gained is available in the charts below. While the whole Lanier County Board of Commissioners Budget for 5 years (2016-present) was requested, the focus of this article is upon the Lanier County BOC departments that should appear as “First Responders”. This would be the area in which the newly created and now newly dissolved Lanier County Wildfire Fire Fighting Department would be included. It is the opinion of the Lanier County News that there are “sure fire ways to create a Lanier County firestorm” and one is to completely leave out the newest department created by the Lanier County Board of Commissioners!

Read all about it the August 5th edition of the Lanier County News

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