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Lanier County Administrator Submits Resignation

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LAKELAND, Georgia – The Lanier County News [LCN] is working to confirm that long time Lanier County Administrator, Neil Ginty, has submitted his resignation effective as of some time in April.  This is a developing story.

The position of Lanier County Administrator is a paid, non-elected government official position that supervises the day-to-day operations of county government. Generally speaking, the basic duty of a county administrator is to oversee the departments that deliver services to the public. The administrator helps develop budgets, attends government meetings and may even be on call in emergency situations. In most counties, a county manager generally needs at least a bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration or a related field, and many hold master’s degrees.  The LCN has yet to learn what the Lanier County Board of Commissioners designates as their description of the job duties, salary or other information as the position becomes open.

From the world view of the LCN, it will be interesting to learn how the Lanier County Board of Commissioners (BOC) will advertise, accept applications and make a decision about the hiring of a replacement for the position.  Currently, there are five commissioners who make up the Lanier County Board of Commissioners:  Alex Lee, Chairman, Paul Brockington, District 1, Hank Smith, District 2, Susan Bowling, District 3, and Dennis Fender, District 4.

Of these commissioners, two (Lee and Bowling) are administratively employed by the F&M Bank of Lakeland. The bank is made up of branches in Conyers, Homerville, Lakeland, Nashville, North Valdosta, and Valdosta.  F&MB is the bank with which the City of Lakeland, Lanier County Board of Commissioners, and Lanier County Schools has their accounts.

Recently, the Lanier County GA Police Scanner Facebook page has contained expressed concerns about the relationship between the County Administrator and F&MB with regard to buying and selling of property managed by F&MB.

It will be interesting to learn about the BOC replacement process.  Ginty’s resignation and the subsequent hiring of another person for the position he resigned, provides an opportunity for the Lanier County Board of Commissioners to add diversity in a way that could lessen or eliminate past expressed concerns by the local community of favoritism and bias in Lanier County BOC hiring practices.


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