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Mephibosheth: Poem

There was a relative of Saul,
Whose name was Mephibosheth.
He was the son of Jonathan,
That the Philistines put to death.
His nurse dropped Mephibosheth,
A child she was carrying that day,
When she heard the news of Israel’s defeat,
And he was lame till his dying day.
King David then came to the throne,
And sought for the kin of Saul,
To keep his promise to Jonathan,
That on his kin his mercy would fall.
Mephibosheth was sought and found,
In the land of Lodebar in Machir’s house.
And though the enemy of David,
Was brought to live in the king’s house.
He was treated as a son of David.
He was adopted you might say.
He lived and ate with the king,
And knew his kindness till his dying day.
The sinner’s like Mephibosheth,
He to is crippled from a fall,
He is an enemy of The King,
On who His wrath must surely fall.
But The King takes the initiative,
And seeks and finds the fallen one.
And for Christ’ sake, Who gave His life,
Shows him mercy and makes him His son.
He’s then a son and heir with Christ,
A member of the family of God.
And all his daily needs are supplied,
Wherever on earth he might trod.
                           James H. Cagle

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