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Rail and Other Transportation Expanding in Georgia: Will Lanier Countians Benefit?

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

Waycross – As President Trump has discussed the U.S. infrastructure needs, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp has taken the initiative to hold a series of meetings across Georgia in which Georgia’s infrastructure has brought attention.  State Representative James Burchett reached out to Lanier County leaders prior to the November 19-20th meeting in Waycross, but only one person from Lanier County was visible – from the Lanier County News.

Read more about this important topic in the Lanier County News December 5th edition.  To acknowledge and develop the use of these transportation resources is important to Lanier ad Loundes Countians, because these resources can bring in more industry AND JOBS!!

It is the personal opinion of this writer that area voters in upcoming 2020 elections need to be asking all candidates for office what he or she has done to help develop jobs and, if they haven’t done anything, ask what exactly is his or her plan to develop more jobs in this area.  If the candidate doesn’t ask that of candidates, our community will not develop as it should with a fiscally sustainable tax base to provide maintenance of existing roads and other government provided services.  This could mean increased taxation on area residents.

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