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Secretary Raffensperger Applauds House Passage of Crucial Licensing Reform

Secretary of State


Atlanta – Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger thanks the Georgia House of Representatives for the successful passage of two key measures aimed at supporting and easing the licensing requirements of licensed professionals across Georgia. As part of his comprehensive legislative agenda, Secretary Raffensperger remains committed to passing initiatives that cut red tape and foster the ability of hardworking Georgians to focus on their careers and professional development.

House Bill 1096, sponsored by Representative Dale Washburn, addresses the need for a streamlined solution to monitor and ensure compliance with continuing education requirements for licensees. The bill establishes a comprehensive tracking system integrated into the state licensing board, promoting efficiency and accountability. This measure reflects the Secretary’s commitment to maintaining high standards of professional excellence while facilitating a seamless process for licensees to fulfill their continuing education requirements.

House Bill 1190, carried by Representative J. Collins, focuses on empowering the Secretary of State’s licensing division director to issue licenses under certain circumstances. The bill ensures that licensed professionals are not unduly delayed in their ability to practice due to regulations and red tape. Specifically, if a professional licensing board has not met or reviewed a license application within 60 days of its receipt, and all requirements for licensure have been met, the division director is authorized to issue the license. This provision underscores the Secretary’s commitment to expediting licensure processes and promoting a business-friendly environment.

“Georgia’s licensed professionals should be focused on providing services to their communities, not focused on licensing requirements,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “I thank the House of Representatives for their diligent and bipartisan support of these initiatives critical to Georgia’s working professionals.”

Secretary Raffensperger recognizes the efforts of the House Regulated Industries Committee in advancing these critical pieces of legislation. The reforms embedded in HB 1096 and HB 1190 align with the Secretary’s vision of fostering an environment that not only upholds the highest professional standards but also facilitates the growth and success of Georgia’s licensed professionals.

These measures signify a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to enhance Georgia’s regulatory framework, making it more responsive to the needs of its licensed professionals. Secretary Raffensperger remains steadfast in his commitment to championing legislative reforms that empower Georgia’s workforce and contribute to the state’s overall economic prosperity.

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