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Raffensperger Calls on Georgia House to Pass Constitutional Amendment Ensuring Only American Citizens Vote

Secretary of State


Atlanta – Secretary Raffensperger calls on the General Assembly to pass HR780 and SR454, a constitutional amendment ensuring only American citizens vote in Georgia’s elections. Today marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing effort to safeguard the integrity of the 2024 election, and Secretary Raffensperger calls on the General Assembly to pass HR 780, SR454, and SB368, ensuring that only American citizens vote in Georgia elections and limiting foreign influence in our elections.

“With open borders, citizenship verification for voter registration is more important than ever,” said Secretary of State Raffensperger. “Multiple organizations with ties to Democrats are currently suing to end critical citizenship verification in our registration process, potentially exposing our elections to foreign interference, and diluting the power of legally registered voters. I’m calling on the General Assembly to take immediate action and pass a constitutional amendment ensuring that none of these groups can leverage the courts to add noncitizens to our voter rolls,”

Today, HR 780 will be heard by the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. Sponsored by Representative Jesse Petra, HR 780 seeks to secure our elections by limiting voting eligibility to United States citizens who are residents of Georgia. This proposed constitutional amendment is a crucial step toward ensuring that the voices of American citizens remain untainted by external influences.

In addition to HR 780, Senate Ethics passed SR 454, presented by Senator Rick Williams. This resolution proposes a state constitutional amendment clarifying that only U.S. citizens who are residents of Georgia have the right to register and vote. As our Southern border remains unsecured, these measures are essential to preserving the integrity of future elections in Georgia.

“Georgia’s elections are the safest in the nation and I work every day to keep it that way,” said Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “That is why my office is leading the charge to defend Georgia’s citizenship verification law and pass legislation to close any loopholes and ensure that only American citizens are voting in our elections.”

The Senate Ethics Committee demonstrated its commitment to upholding election transparency and safeguarding campaign finance with the passage of SB 368. Sponsored by Senator Rick Williams, this bill prohibits foreign nationals from contributing to candidates or campaign committees. It also mandates foreign principals to register with the state ethics commissioner, ensuring a comprehensive disclosure process when advocating on behalf of a foreign entity.

As these bills progress through the legislative process, Secretary Raffensperger remains vigilant in his commitment to a secure and transparent electoral system and calls for the General Assembly to immediately address the concerns of Georgia’s voters. We will continue to monitor developments and provide updates to the public as we work together to protect the sanctity and security of Georgia’s elections.

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