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VFD’s Shop with a Firefighter Program: Bringing Joy to Valdosta Families this Holiday Season

The Valdosta Fire Department (VFD) is proud to announce the return of its heartwarming annualevent, the “Shop with a Firefighter” program. This cherished community initiative will occur onWednesday, December 6, 2023, at a participating Walmart. The VFD, in partnership with generousdonors from the community, aims to make a real difference by providing selected youth, aged 4 to12, with the opportunity to enjoy a memorable holiday shopping experience.

The primary objective of the Shop with a Firefighter program is to lend a helping hand to familiesaffected by structure fires and to bring warmth and joy to their holiday season. Families facingchallenging circumstances are identified by the American Red Cross and forwarded to thedepartment.

To make this possible, the VFD is reaching out to the community for monetary donations. Thesedonations will be used to purchase gift cards for the participating children, empowering them tochoose the gifts that will make their holiday season even more special. Firefighters from theValdosta Fire Department will accompany the children and their parents during their shoppingjourney, serving as not only positive role models but also designated shopping buddies. Thisunique experience is just as enjoyable for the firefighters as it is for the children, creatingunforgettable memories and fostering community bonds.

Fire Chief Brian Boutwell expressed his enthusiasm for this annual tradition, stating, “The Shopwith a Firefighter program is a shining example of how our community comes together to supporteach other, particularly during the Christmas season. It’s a time when we can share the spirit ofgiving and show these families that they are not alone in their time of need.

The number of children who can participate and the amount each receives will depend on thedonations received. Through this program, individuals and businesses in Valdosta have a directopportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of local families in need during theholiday season.

VFD accepts cash or checks payable to VFD Shop with a Firefighter. Donations can be mailed ordropped off at Station One on 106 S. Oak Street, Valdosta, GA 31601 (C/O Valdosta Shop with aFirefighter).

For more information, email Public Life and Fire Safety Educator Sherina Ferrell Your contributions will help brighten the holidays for Valdosta familiesand demonstrate the power of unity within our community.

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