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Statement from Senator Russ Goodman Regarding Trip to Israel

Senate Press



See below for a statement from Senator Russ Goodman (R – Cogdell) in regards to his recent trip to the country of Israel:

“I will say it is always good to be back in America after you have traveled outside our great nation. It has even more meaning after being in Israel while Hamas terrorists launched a sickening attack that killed hundreds of innocent Israelis. From hearing the rockets fired from the Iron Dome to automatic weapon fire heard near our hotel, it was quite an ordeal. I am thankful to God that my mom, our group, many others and I got out safely.

My prayers for Israel and her people will continue. I saw the very best of the Israeli people in our time there, including our ex-military Israeli guide who stuck with us throughout – even as rockets landed within 200 yards of his home with his wife and children there. He embodied the resilience of the people of Israel. The reality is Hamas terrorists are killing Americans along with Israelis, and the people of Israel are protecting Americans. Above anything else, it shows the bond that our freedom-loving countries share.

I am also thankful for the prayers and support we have received from folks here at home. I appreciate the prayers, help and support of the Governor’s Office, the Lt. Governor and my Senate Colleagues. I’d also like to recognize my friends in the State House, especially State Representatives Lauren McDonald (R – Cumming) and Brent Cox (R – Dawsonville), the Israeli Government, Delta Airlines security team, and our friends over at the World Jewish Congress for all of their assistance in ensuring our safety while in Israel and guiding our path back to the states. I will continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Israel, and I will stand will them in solidarity against the disgraceful attacks from both the terrorists that surround them and terrorist sympathizers here at home.”


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