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The City of Valdosta Urges Residents to Ensure Proper Debris Placement for Final Pickup

As the City of Valdosta nears the completion of its debris removal contracts, citizens are encouraged to adhere to proper debris placement guidelines for the final sweep of pickups. The City’s contractors will make a final pass through the designated right-of-way areas to collect debris.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, the City of Valdosta requests that citizens follow these guidelines:

  1. Right-of-Way Placement: Place debris at the designated right-of-way to facilitate easy access for the City’s contractors. Proper placement ensures a swift and thorough collection process.
  2. Final Pickup: The City is encouraging residents to have their debris ready for pickup by Thursday, October 5; this date coincides with the completion of contracted services. Citizens are not to place debris on top of or cover any telephone, cable, or power boxes.
  3. Safety First: The City of Valdosta prioritizes safety first and foremost; therefore, to maintain a safe environment for residents and workers, citizens are encouraged to support this initiative by having their debris ready for collection.

The City expresses gratitude for the cooperation and understanding of its residents in this important endeavor. By working together to meet the October 5th deadline, we can effectively accomplish the goal of comprehensive debris collection.

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