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DEA Holds National Family Summit on Fentanyl


DEA held its annual National Family Summit on Fentanyl on September 25 and 26, 2023, in Washington, D.C. DEA invited representatives from over 80 organizations formed mostly by parents who have experienced the profound loss of a child due to a drug poisoning. These families have turned grief and pain into action, working tirelessly to prevent other families from suffering the unimaginable loss of a loved one to a drug poisoning. This two-day event created a dialogue to effect change through enforcement, awareness, and prevention education.

Upcoming Regional Family Summits
During October, DEA field divisions across the country will host regional Family Summits in their community. These summits will bring together families who have lost loved ones to drug poisonings, federal partners, and community prevention groups. These families are working to prevent others from experiencing the tragic loss of a loved one that they have experienced. These local summits will provide opportunities to share information, build connections, and foster collaboration between family groups, DEA, and other key sectors of their local community.
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Join Us as Advocates for Change
We know that there are many more families and parent organizations impacted by the poisoning epidemic who won’t be represented at the summit this year, but we want to connect with you. Please consider registering with DEA to join us as advocates for change.
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