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Greenview Farms donate calving simulators to ABAC Beef Unit

TIFTON-The Harris Family of Greenview Farms has donated bovine simulators to the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s Beef Unit. One simulator, the compact dystocia simulator, allows students to simulate the birthing of a full-size calf, which the other, the bovine theriogenology model, will allow them to practice artificial insemination.

Greenview Farms is a diversified, 150-year-old family farm in Screven and is comprised of 3,500 acres divided almost equally between pastures for cattle, timber, and row crops including cotton, corn, peanuts, and soybeans. They raise Polled Hereford cattle and F1 Brafords and have recently added Grey Brahman bulls to their herd. The donated simulator’s coloring is Polled Hereford in honor of Greenview Farms.

“The educational value of both simulators is priceless,” said Dr. Mary Ellen Hicks, professor of animal science at ABAC’s School of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “They will allow us to work with students in a slower manner to ensure the students understand the principles we are trying to teach, using the simulators before we take those principles out into the barn to work with the live animal. Every student – regardless of previous experience with cattle – can feel comfortable with the learning process. As instructors, we can assess their readiness and level of knowledge more easily since we can literally see the internal structures of the cow simulators as the student interacts with the structures.”

The Harris family, owner/operators of Greenview Farms, have been long-time supporters of ABAC. Jonny Harris and his two sons, Jon and Paul, and grandson Wesley, all attended ABAC.

“These new teaching tools are just one more example of our wonderful partnership with Greenview Farms and the Harris Family,” said ABAC President Tracy Brundage. “A recognized leader in the cattle industry, this family has had a wonderful connection to ABAC for many years and are dedicated to supporting our students in animal science and livestock classes. Not only have they donated Polled Hereford bulls for the ABAC herd for more than 10 years, they regularly host students at their farm and support our students and faculty at industry events such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).”

The Harris Family of Greenview Farms recently donated bovine simulators to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s Beef Unit.

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