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UPDATE: No talking policy enforced at Cook County Middle School


ADEL, Ga. – A new policy at Cook County Middle School does not allow students to talk during lunch hours or during class transitions.

Parents and students have raised concerns about not being in agreement with the new policy, and according to parents and students, the students are only allowed to talk during Friday at recess. If students talk, they are sent to in-school suspension. Parents were never notified this policy was being enforced until students informed them after the first day of school. One parent says she was told by school officials that this is being enforced as a proactive tactic to keep students disciplined.

“I think it’s insane, they cannot speak in the hallway they cannot speak in class,” a parent said. “They have to walk in the two-tile square that is closest to the wall to pass between classes.”

Some even told WALB they feel as if their kids are getting treated similarly to inmates, and they want a further explanation as to why.

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  1. aaliyah on November 7, 2023 at 11:45 am

    this is not true i go to school in cook middle school. we just got our friday recess taken for “talking” we got in trouble. our recess is taken for 3 fridays. WE ARE IN A PRISON!!!!!!!

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