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Sen. Russ Goodman Announces 2023 Agricultural Issues Summit in Perry

Senate Press


This week, Senator Russ Goodman (R – Cogdell), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, announced the convening of Georgia’s annual Agricultural Issues Summit at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Perry. Sen. Goodman will co-host the event on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 alongside Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture and Consumer affairs Representative Robert Dickey (R – Musella).

“There is never a shortage of concerns or challenges faced by Georgia’s number one industry,” said Sen. Goodman. “In the last few months, we have faced reports of southern corn rust across the state, an estimated $190 million loss for our peach farmers this season and uncertainty surrounding the USDA’s approval of lab-grown meat. These are just a few problems that make it crucial for our state lawmakers, industry leaders and farmers to come together and find solutions to the issues that impact our agricultural community. This summit serves as a platform for vital communication and future disaster preparation. I extend my gratitude to our presenters, my fellow lawmakers, sponsors, and the hard-working farmers who choose to offer their perspectives during this year’s summit. I look forward to seeing everyone in Perry as we continue the work of searching for opportunities for the next generation of Georgia farmers and finding innovative solutions to the ag industry’s current and future challenges.”

The agenda includes several important updates and issues related to the agricultural community in Georgia. A more detailed agenda will be sent out soon.

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