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Two-time escapee remains at large five months after fleeing from funeral in Douglas

A two-time escapee, Danny Junior West, has been on the run for nearly five months since his escape from custody in Douglas, Coffee County, in February. This is the second time that West has escaped, with the first incident occurring in Ben Hill County.

During his initial escape last year, West reportedly fled after a sentencing hearing in Ben Hill County related to convicted charges of armed robbery, according to law enforcement officials in Ben Hill.

After evading law enforcement for several months, West was apprehended in Douglas when a Coffee County Drug Unit investigator reportedly spotted him at a local business. According to the incident report, the detective observed West at Hibbett Sports in Douglas on December 17, 2022.

The report indicates that another investigator from the unit approached West to confirm his identity, but West provided a false name. West then reportedly attempted to flee and ran towards the Dollar Tree store next door. When investigators tried to arrest him, he allegedly resisted, leading to the use of a taser. The report states that West was eventually arrested and taken to the Coffee County Law Enforcement Center after a brief altercation.

Following his apprehension, West was transported back to Ben Hill County, as documented in the report.

Just two months later, while still in custody in Ben Hill, West requested permission to attend his grandmother’s funeral, which took place in Douglas on February 25, 2023. Ben Hill County officials granted his request, but while attending the service, West managed to escape officers and fled down the road before getting into a Ford pickup truck. Witnesses later claimed that West appeared to be without restraints during the service, although he had been shackled when he left the jail.

A manhunt was launched to locate West, but despite efforts over the past five months, he remains at large. West is described as a black male with black hair and hazel eyes, weighing approximately 145 lbs. He stands at a height of 5’9″ and was born on September 29, 1995.

Officials state that West has been convicted of armed robbery and has connections to Ben Hill, Irwin, Bacon, and Atkinson counties.

If you have any information regarding West’s whereabouts, please contact the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office at (912) 384-4227 or dial 911. Anonymous tips can also be provided by calling (912) 383-8447 or by sending an email to

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Daily Coffee Press

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