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Douglas man arrested for allegedly destroying ex-girlfriend’s home and shattering all of her car’s windows

A 31-year-old Douglas man was recently booked on two charges following an incident that occurred last month. The suspect, Anthony Droll, allegedly destroyed his ex-girlfriend’s home after breaking in and pouring paint on her clothes and all over the floors, in addition to busting out all the windows in her car.

In a reported incident on June 21, 2023, authorities were called to a home on Sandy Springs Road in Douglas to investigate a burglary. Upon arrival, authorities spoke to a female who reported that her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, Anthony Droll, had broken into her home and caused extensive damage.

According to the woman, Droll smashed the windows of her vehicle in the backyard and stole several important documents, including five birth certificates and one death certificate, which were kept in a pink folder inside her residence. The woman also disclosed that two days prior, Droll had physically assaulted her on her property, but she did not notify law enforcement at the time. Fearful of further violence, she had been staying at an undisclosed location before returning to her residence on the day of the incident.

The woman stated that she had visited the house around 5:00 p.m. the day before and then returned on June 21 at around 7:00 p.m., when she discovered the damage. Droll had allegedly sent her a text the previous night, stating that he would be coming to the house to see his child. While they were away from home, her neighbor informed her via text that Droll was at her residence. The woman also mentioned that other neighbors had confirmed seeing Droll inside the house that night.

At the scene, a sergeant accompanied the woman inside her home and reported observing scenes of disarray. Paint had been poured on various clothing items and the floors throughout the residence. The sergeant also noticed shoe prints on the floor. The woman’s vehicle in the backyard had all its windows shattered, and pry marks were visible on the back door of the residence. Additionally, a broken-tipped knife was discovered at the end of the property, and the woman was uncertain about its origin.

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Anthony Droll Photo by CCSO

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