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Georgia roller coaster stalls mid-ride, causing riders to get stuck

By LCN Staff
VALDOSTA, Georgia – The Boomerang roller coaster at Wild Adventures Theme Park was stalled in mid-ride Monday, causing riders to be stuck for approximately 10 minutes.

Once the problem was resolved riders were returned to the rider loading station where they left the ride unharmed.

What caused the ride to suddenly stop was a safety feature activation.

Wild Adventures released the following statement: “Wild Adventures extends its heartfelt gratitude to our guests for their patience, understanding, and continued support,” park officials said in a statement to LCN. “We remain committed to delivering a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Wild Adventures Theme Park’s ride inspection practices meet ASTM F24 standards and follow manufacturer inspection requirements. This practice includes daily inspections of ride components before the park opens.”

The Boomerang Roller Coaster resumed operation later that night.


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