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Carr: 16 Alleged Members of Outcast Motorcycle Gang Indicted in Bryan County

Attorney General Chris Carr


June 5, 2023

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr, Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Billy J. Nelson, Jr., Richmond Hill Police Chief Mitch Shores, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Atlanta Field Division Special Agent in Charge Ben Gibbons, Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent in Charge Israel Cadieux, and Georgia Gang Investigators Association (GGIA) President Jose Ramirez today announced the arrest and indictment of 16 alleged members of the Southeast Georgia Chapter of the Outcast Motorcycle Gang. This is considered the largest motorcycle gang indictment in state history and its announcement follows the culmination of Operation Patronus, a multi-agency investigation involving gangs and guns in Southeast Georgia and beyond. This operation resulted in the recovery of approximately $180,000 in cash and the seizure of 71 guns, among other items.

“This historic indictment is a testament to the results we are able to achieve when all levels of law enforcement work together to do one thing – keep the people of our state safe,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “By leveraging our resources, we can more effectively dismantle the growing gang networks that are terrorizing our communities and endangering the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. We are thankful for the dedicated efforts of the hundreds of brave officers who assisted us throughout this case, and we are confident that Georgians across the state will watch closely to ensure justice is served every step of the way.”

“On behalf of the Office of the District Attorney for the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, I want to thank Governor Brian Kemp, Attorney General Chris Carr and staff, and the numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies for their unwavering support and dedication to fighting criminal gang activity in the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, as well as across the State of Georgia,” said Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Billy J. Nelson, Jr. “Operation Patronus serves as an example of the impact our law enforcement community can have on criminal enterprise when multiple agencies work together and collaborate with the common goal of making the State of Georgia a safer place for our citizens. The violent criminal conduct at issue in Operation Patronus will not be tolerated in the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, and the Office of the District Attorney will continue to assist Attorney General Carr and the Gang Prosecution Unit in the pursuit of justice by holding those involved accountable in a court of law.”

“We are proud of the partnerships we have formed with the ATF and our other neighboring law enforcement agencies,” said Richmond Hill Police Chief Mitch Shores. “With the backing of the District Attorney and the State Attorney General’s Office, we have developed these partnerships with the purpose of devising new strategies and to set a new standard in the battle against criminal gang activity. The goal is to not only deal a punishing blow to criminal gang activity in this region, but also to ultimately dismantle the gang itself.”

“This operation has dismantled a serious criminal enterprise which funneled guns and drugs into our communities,” said ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge Beau Kolodka. “ATF and its law enforcement partners acted quickly and judiciously on information developed during this eight-month-long investigation. The safety of the public is at the core of ATF’s mission and we stand at the front line eradicating violent crime from our streets.”

“The Georgia Gang Investigators Association and its members would like to recognize Governor Brian Kemp, Attorney General Chris Carr and staff, District Attorney Billy J. Nelson, Jr., Richmond Hill Police Department, ATF, and the countless local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies across the State of Georgia for their steadfast support and dedication in holding accountable those who willingly choose to participate in violent criminal Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs under the disguise of law-abiding motorcycle clubs,” said GGIA President Jose Ramirez. “The criminal conduct of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs will not be tolerated in our great state, and we at the Georgia Gang Investigators Association will do everything in our power to equip our brave men and women within the criminal justice system to successfully recognize, document, identify, prosecute, and dismantle these criminal organizations called Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.”

About the Outcast Motorcycle Gang

The Outcast Motorcycle Gang is considered an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang or a “One-Percenter” Motorcycle Gang. Other Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs include the Hell’s Angels, the Pagans, the Vandals, Sin City Disciples and Chosen Few.

The Outcast Motorcycle Gang is known to engage in a range of criminal activity, including murder, assault, and drug and weapons trafficking.

The Outcast Motorcycle Gang has 67 chapters across the country, including four in Georgia. Founded in 1967 in Detroit, Michigan, the second Outcast chapter was formed in Atlanta. Additional chapters are located in Augusta, Hawkinsville and Savannah, Georgia.

The Outcast Motorcycle Gang is a highly organized structure with hierarchical leadership. Its national and local chapters are led by elected officers, such as President and Vice President.

Read the full story in this weeks edition of the Lanier County News which will be available June 8, 2023 HERE.

Outcast Motorcycle Gang

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