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Public Notice: Draft 2023 Ambient Air Monitoring Plan




To All Interested Parties:

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) announces its intent to issue the 2023 Ambient Air Monitoring Plan to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in July 2023. The GA EPD is required to produce this annual plan as part of EPA’s amended ambient air monitoring regulations established October 17, 2006.

Georgia EPD’s 2023 Ambient Air Monitoring Plan will show how the state agency plans to meet EPA regulations for monitoring air quality in the state by assessing monitoring objectives, site appropriateness for air quality characterization, spatial scale represented by each monitor and appropriate new technologies.

GA EPD’s air monitoring network consists of a number of stations located throughout the state. GA EPD uses the air monitoring data to track if air quality standards are being met, to assist in enforcement actions, to determine the improvement or decline of air quality, to trace the extent of allowable industrial expansion and to provide air pollution information to the public.

The draft 2023 Ambient Air Monitoring Plan will be available for review on the GA EPD Air Protection Branch internet site:  and the Ambient Air Monitoring Program website:

Persons wishing to comment on the draft Ambient Air Monitoring Plan are required to submit their comments, in writing, to GA EPD at the following address:

Air Protection Branch
Attn: Annual Air Monitoring Plan Comments
4244 International Parkway, Suite 120
Atlanta, Georgia 30354

In addition, public comments can be submitted in writing to DeAnna Oser, Assistant Branch Chief of the Air Protection Branch, at or to

Comments must be received by GA EPD no later than June 16, 2023. Should the comment period end on a weekend or holiday, comments will be accepted up until the next working day. GA EPD, in soliciting comments for the final draft before submittal to EPA as required by 40CFR58, will consider all comments received on or prior to that date.

After the comment period has expired, GA EPD will consider all comments received. GA EPD’s responses to comments and any other relevant information will be included in the final document published on

For additional information, contact the manager of the Ambient Air Monitoring Program, DeAnna Oser at the Atlanta address, or by phone at 404-363-7000. Please refer to this notice when requesting information.

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  1. WeThePeople on May 21, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    So it looks like they are planning to crack down even more on people about emissions by putting monitors that check emissions of traveling people on the road. Does that mean they will fix emission of every car for us because we drive the cars and things do mess up I get it but to enforce county emissions even more? Think about who you should really go after Mr EPA. I vote no and keep the emissions methods we have now because a county can’t help emissions of vehicles that come from other areas passing through the county for work. They are reaching to get more revenue from hard working people that are barely surviving as it is. How about fix these cars for people and see how much it hurts your wallet EPA. Just another power move for $ from the already struggling folks.

    We as people need to fight this overreach. It’s disguised as to help the environment but really it’s to generate revenue for the county. How about develope carbon scrubbers and massive filtration systems. Nasa already has the plans and it just need scaled up. EPA is a Farce disguised saying they help the environment but yet they go after people and not industry emissions. Where were they at when the train derailment happened in East Palestine Ohio? Someone has deep pockets with the EPA. Notice how the news and every online report no longer post disasters and the environmental damages there? Yeah epa can kick rocks. The agency has failed us all and only want to take where the money is good and that’s from hard working Americans that already have enough bills to pay

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