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Councilman arrested by Ray City Police, charged with disorderly and assault

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

RAY CITY, Georgia – Ray City Councilman Wesley Bennefield was arrested Tuesday night, May 2 following the regular monthly Ray City Council Meeting.  Bennefield was charged by Police Chief Steve Miller and arrested by Ray City’s entire police force.  The action was taken when the meeting abruptly and questionably ended following an Executive Session.

The council chamber’s door opened and the Lanier County News (LCN) returned to the chamber to sit through the rest of the meeting.  The mayor told the LCN that the meeting was over.  The mayor, nor the council, let anyone outside council chambers know the meeting had been called back into regular session.

No one in the public was informed of anything once the Ray City Council went into Executive Session.  The public was not informed the council had returned to its regular meeting session, let alone that it had formally ended the meeting.  It appeared that the mayor had predetermined the meetings’ ending involving neither the public nor the council.

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  1. Marty Bryson on May 15, 2023 at 6:05 pm

    Please take a look at my Facebook Profile Page which is Public regarding the Chief and Mayor of Ray City and on the City of Ray City Public Group.
    Thank you.

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