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In regard to the recent question about the use of the system’s fuel depots by the superintendent

The following statement has been provided by the Lowndes County School Board:

As your Lowndes County Schools Board of Education, we consider it our privilege and responsibility to serve the citizens of Lowndes County and the students of Lowndes County Schools with the highest level of integrity and stewardship.

In regard to the recent question about the use of the system’s fuel depots by the superintendent, as soon as this information was brought to the attention of the school board, an investigation was launched.

With respect to the investigative process, we secured outside counsel as a neutral party to investigate the allegations. As a result, outside counsel determined there was no credible evidence supporting the intentional misuse of school system fuel for personal use. Given this finding, the Memorandum of Understanding was mutually agreed upon to allow the superintendent to reimburse the school system $2,800 for undocumented fuel use. Fuel has always been a reimbursable expense to school employees when conducting school business in their personal vehicles. The current superintendent authorized camera installation at the fuel depot.

Upon completion of the investigation, the board approved the Memorandum of Understanding with the superintendent. School board members welcome expressions of community concerns about school system matters.

As a school board, we continue to support Dr. Haralson as the Superintendent of Lowndes County Schools.

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  1. Johnnie Bryant on March 25, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    I would like a o know if one of the he school’s custodians are cafeteria workers had been seen on video committing this same act would they been given this same grace …

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