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Valdosta promises an upgraded Watergoat; offers no plan for cleaning it out or nearby woods

VALDOSTA, Georgia – According to WWALS Watershed Coalition, Valdosta City Engineer Benjamin O’Dowd says Valdosta has purchased an upgraded Watergoat trash trap, to be installed in approximately March.

It will go in Sugar Creek, he says, and the old one will go into Two Mile Branch below Berkley Drive.

[Valdosta promises new Watergoat, Two Mile Branch trash report, Old Watergoat, Two Mile Branch trash]
Valdosta promises new Watergoat, Two Mile Branch trash report, Old Watergoat, Two Mile Branch trash

That’s all good. Thanks for doing that, Engineer O’Dowd, and City of Valdosta.

But he did not mention any plan for cleaning out that new trash trap location on Two Mile Branch. Remember, Russell Allen McBride, who as a volunteer cleans out the current one on Sugar Creek, says he can not take on cleaning out any more trash traps.

The Engineer’s note also did not address the Click ‘n’ Fix report in which it was posted. The report was about trash in the woods next to Two Mile Branch upstream of Berkley Drive. Trash that is on property owned by the City of Valdosta.

And what’s this about spraying? Spraying what? Why near waterways in which children play and people boat? And how does spraying stop trash, or even pick it up?

A little progress is good, after all this time:

WWALS would like to see Valdosta follow its own 2010 advice and fix the trash problem, including enforcing its ordinances requiring property owners to keep trash from escaping and to strategically place trash cans so many per number of parking spaces.

For much more about the trash situation, see:


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  1. Daniel Keenan on February 20, 2023 at 11:29 am

    I really hate to say this, but WHEN has a politician EVER KEPTED THEIR WORD??? The Valdosta Mayor is a lier / fraud. Like all politician they have two faces with two mouths. They say what you want to hear to get you to vote for them and then they hope you forget by the time the next election comes around and most people especially the DEMOCRATS and Liberals. You get what you vote for, look what YOU put in the people’s house. That’s the WHITE HOUSE for those of you that believe in CRT and took that instead of History in high school.

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