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Don’t Throw Grandma From The Fun Train

Picking One Gaming Option Prioritizes Younger Georgians Over Seniors, African-American Women (The Most Reliable GOP and Democratic
Voter Groups)


 GEORGIA — Polling and demographic studies show that, while the majority of voters support multiple types of gaming and the overwhelming majority support having a voice in legalizing it, there are generational and gender preferences for what type of gaming experience people would like to enjoy personally.


Generally speaking, sports betting is a favorite among younger people (18-44) and black men. Casinos appeal to many groups (one reason they are even more popular than sports betting) but particularly to older Americans (65+) and black women.


Coincidentally, voters 65+ tend to be the most reliable Republican voters and African-American Women tend to be the most reliable Democratic voters. They find rare common ground on this issue.

Source: Public Opinion Strategies Survey, November, 2022


The economic benefits of legalized gaming are also better when implemented together.  The jobs, tax revenue and total economic impact for Georgia can only be truly realized by including Casinos and their estimated $5 billion per year economic impact on the state.

Source: Marquette Advisors Economic Impact Study, July 2015


Legal sports betting could bring $38M economic boost for Georgia in first year”

By Nyamekye Daniel | The Center Square 

Feb 22, 2021

“A bet’s a bet, but your grandma wants to enjoy some newfound freedom differently than your nephew,” said All In Georgia spokesman Dan McLagan. “Let’s not throw grandma from the fun train and let’s do maximize the economic benefit from gaming by including the biggest economic booster of all in resort casinos.”


“The handful of luxury destination resorts we are talking about will also provide family fun in the form of retail space, shows and entertainment, pools, restaurants and amusement activities,” McLagan added. “Georgians want to vote on this and I’ll bet they vote to go all-in.”

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