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Is Ray City Council Making Contradictory Fiscal Decisions?

By Carol A. Gasser

RAY CITY, Georgia – Ray City’s Council met Tuesday evening, August 9th, one week later than usual.  Mayor Brenda Exum postponed the council’s regular August meeting and moved it to the second Tuesday of the month when she contracted COVID and was not able to preside at its meeting.  This decision was in lieu of having the mayor pro tem preside.  Upon listening to the discussion which followed the council’s agenda, it was interesting to realize that on one hand the Ray City Council via the mayor’s voice says it does not have money to spend on animal control.  On the other hand, the council approved unnecessary spending on some city hall renovations without cutting costs where it could.  The two facts appear to be at odds with each other which prompts the question, “Is Ray City Council Making Contradictory Fiscal Decisions?”

Read the complete story in the Lanier County News August 11th edition.

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