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April 15th Accident Causes Lakeland Power Loss

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LAKELAND, Georgia – According to Officer Ryan Connor, he observed a 2021 white  F-150 Ford truck exited from W. Murrell St. by making a left turn into the south lane of S. Valdosta Rd.  According to Officer Connor’s motor vehicle crash report, Lajery Ratlif’s vehicle was in motion when it hit a curb at the corner of W. Murrell St. and S. Valdosta Rd. on the southwest corner nearest the Lakeland Farmer’s Market building.  The truck continued south going up into the parking area of the market and continued south until it hit a utility poll and a school zone sign with a light.  The accident occurred about 4:16 PM.

Read all about it in the April 28th edition of the Lanier County News!

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