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Lakeland Misdemeanor Offender Dies in Jail

LAKELAND, Georgia – This week the Lakeland Police Department (LPD) arrested a misdemeanor probation offender and jailed him.  LPD housed the offender in the Lowndes County jail for the last two or three days.  This morning around 1:00 A.M., the offender, whose last name (as the Lanier County News understands) is Holbeck, is said to have died while having a seizure.

The reason that the offender was jailed and held on a misdemeanor charge, instead being supervised wearing an ankle monitor, is unknown.  Many area law enforcement personnel routinely choose to manage and supervise misdemeanor offenders with the least restrictive and least expensive manner possible.

The Lowndes County Jail personnel reported the inmates death to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as well as notifying the City of Lakeland’s Police Chief.  Since the City of Lakeland, nor the Lanier County Sheriff’s Office have the capability to house an offender, those arrested and jailed are held in neighboring counties during their incarceration.

Open Records requests are in process as the Lanier County News works to obtain more details on this developing story.

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