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fresh kwaks from the pen of Delbert Duck

Today the duck has a question for all the humans:
     What is it that you see when you look into that thing you humans call a mirror? Do you see the reflection of a person that is honest and kind to others? Is that person staring back at you someone you would want to have as a friend? Do you like that person you see in that mirror? It seems to this duck that sometimes you humans get caught up in your judgement and hatred for others that you aren’t the person that you should be or could become. These things are holding you back from reaching your full potential as a human. Us ducks don’t judge other ducks, we don’t hate each other or in any way try to make ourselves look better than the other ducks in our duck community. We just go about our daily lives looking for food and materials to build our nests and raising our little ducklings up to do the same. We don’t congregate with other ducks too much like the geese and humans do. I would suggest that the humans should do less judging and more celebrating. After all they have a lot to be thankful for, including the fact that they have thumbs! If only us ducks had thumbs we could do things like drive those big machines the humans call cars and we could write our duck thoughts down and so much more. But then I guess if we were more like humans we would have all those problems that the humans have brought upon themselves. My suggestion to all the humans out there is to not take all of the great things you have for granted and be more thankful that you have those incredible thumbs. and in the meantime………
                                                                PET A DUCK
                                                         kwak     kwak     kwak

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