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Black Lives Matter PAC Statement on U.S. Senate Election Results in Georgia 

Dear Editor,

Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder and Chair of the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee, released the following statement in response to the U.S. Senate election results in Georgia:

“Congratulations to Rev. Raphael Warnock on his historic victory. Black Georgians showed up at the polls in a momentous turnout that made this win possible despite voter suppression efforts from those who look to diminish the power of the Black vote. His win puts us one step closer to a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, and the chance to fight for a world in which all Black life matters, one that centers Black joy and allows us to thrive.

Meanwhile, we knew the results might be inconclusive today for one or both U.S. Senate races. We don’t yet know who won in the contest between Jon Ossoff and David Perdue, but we must fight to make sure every vote is counted, because there is too much at stake for Black people and for our movement to stop fighting now.”

Note:  The Black Lives Matter PAC was created in 2020 to elect progressive community leaders, activists, and working-class candidates fighting for Black liberation. Our goal is to build on the power we earned protesting in the streets and do more to help Black people make the connection from civil disobedience to civic action. We intend to widen the path to elected office for candidates who will help us achieve key policy and political wins. For more information on BLM PAC, visit here


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