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Parade Cancelled: Lighting of Lakeland Affected by COVID-19 Concerns

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LAKELAND, Georgia – The Lighting of Lakeland Parade and Christmas celebration has been canceled.

Dear Lakeland-Lanier County Citizens:

Unfortunately, like so many other events this year the Lanier County Christmas Parade has been postponed due to rising COVID-19 numbers in the community.  To reduce the chances of Students and Teachers bringing the virus home or into the classroom, the event was postponed earlier to better align with the Schools planned holiday break on Nov 18.  But due to the increase in cases the BOE has made the hard but smart decision to close the schools early to avoid further spread of the virus.
The Parade is a beloved holiday tradition that ushers in the Christmas Season and canceling it was an extremely hard decision. Our Students, Teachers, First Responders and Health Care Technicians have been hit hard by this pandemic and they deserve a parade more than anyone, but not at the cost of spreading the virus.  Hopefully, the vaccines in production and distribution will bring about an end to this era of social distancing and loss.

The Centennial Celebration Committee is planning a Post-COVID Spring Festival in 2021, celebrating the new year and remembering the joys and sorrows of 2020.

Thank You,John Fitton

Director of Operations

Lakeland-Lanier Chamber of Commerce

Development Authority of Lanier County

P.O. Box 215 / 8 S. Valdosta Rd. 31635


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  1. Suzanne Mancil on December 17, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    I do wish that the public had been given proper and real data, not the manipulated data and complete lies about this virus.

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