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Letter to Editor from Judi Stock


I am from Ohio, but I and many people across this nation are very concerned about the extremely important election you are holding on January 5. Please seriously consider giving President-elect Biden the help he needs with a majority in the Senate.

With the Senate’s help he will be able to put into effect many of his election promises: (1) Additional taxes on those who have very large incomes, and less taxes on those in the lower and middle classes. (2) He will be able to act in foreign policy, encouraging other nations to become our partners again in solving world problems. (3) He will be able to change the cruel immigration system and make it more fair and thoughtful. (4) He will be able to get Congress to pass spending bills so our infrastructure can be repaired while providing many jobs. (5) He will stop the destruction of our lands and move toward policies that improve the climate while giving employment to people who will work in the new fields created by these changes. (6) Not only will he implement a plan to calm the virus pandemic and distribute vaccines quickly and fairly, but he will also work on improving our health plan making more people able to have insurance at reasonable rates.

Please consider your vote carefully, and give Biden the help he needs in the Senate to make our country ever better/

Judi Stock

1681 Oakwood Circle

Wooster, Ohio 44691


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