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Georgia Department of Natural Resources proposes to amend and repeal its rules



NOTICE OF PROPOSED AMENDMENT Of the following rules:

Rule 391-1-1-.01 – Organization.

Rule 391-1-1-.04 – Method of Obtaining Information from, Making Submissions to or Requests of the Department.  

Rule 391-2-5-.08 – Construction/Acquisition Projects and Terms. 

Rule 391-5-9-.01 – Organization.

Rule 391-5-9-.02 – Definitions. 

Rule 391-5-9-.03 – Reporting Requirement.  

Rule 391-5-9-.05 – Permit Procedures. 

Rule 391-5-9-.06 – Permit Conditions.

Rule 391-5-13-.03 – Recreational Trails Program RTP.

notice of proposed repeal of the following rules: 

Rule 391-5-8-.01 – Definitions. 

Rule 391-5-8-.02 – Criteria for Designation. 

Rule 391-5-8-.03 – Application Procedures. 

Rule 391-5-10-.01 – Definitions. 

Rule 391-5-10-.02 – Criteria for Evaluation of Properties for the Georgia Register. 

Rule 391-5-10-.03 – Application Procedures.  

Rule 391-5-10-.04 – Relationship of Georgia Register to National Register. 

Rule 391-5-11-.01 – Definitions. 

Rule 391-5-11-.02 – Requirements for Preliminary and Final Certification of Rehabilitated Historic Properties. 

Rule 391-5-11-.03 – Standards for Rehabilitation. 

Rule 391-5-11-.04 – Declassification as Rehabilitated Historic Property Conditions.

Rule 391-5-11-.05 – Certification Procedures.

Rule 391-5-13-.04 – Georgia Heritage Grants historic preservation grants


Rule 391-5-13-.05 – Historic Preservation Fund preservation grants


Rule 391-5-13-.06 – Historic Cemetery Heritage Tourism Grant Program. 

Rule 391-5-13-.07 – Historic Theater Heritage Tourism Grant Program.  

Rule 391-5-13-.10 – Flood Recovery Grants for Historic Preservation. 

Rule 391-5-14-.01 – Definitions. 

Rule 391-5-14-.02 – Program Administration. 

Rule 391-5-14-.03 – Program Benefits and Limitations; Substantial Rehabilitation.  

Rule 391-5-14-.04 – Requirements for Preliminary and Final Certification of Rehabilitated Historic Properties; Certification Procedures. 

Rule 391-5-14-.05 – Certification of Historic Significance.  

Rule 391-5-14-.0 – Standards for Evaluating Significance. 

Rule 391-5-14-.07 – Certifications of Rehabilitation.

Rule 391-5-14-.08 – Standards of Rehabilitation. 

Rule 391-5-14-.09 – Revocation and Recapture. 

Rule 391-5-14-.10 – Effective Date. 

Rule 391-5-14-.11 – Fees for Processing Certification Requests. 


Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the authority set forth below, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources proposes to amend and repeal its rules as set out above.

This Notice, together with the synopsis, an exact copy of the proposed rule amendments, and a copy of the proposed rule amendments showing deletions and additions, is being mailed to all persons who have requested in writing that they be placed on the mailing list and have tendered the actual cost of such mailing.  Copies of these documents are also available for review on the Department’s web page (

Written comments are welcomed.  To ensure their inclusion in the Department’s package for the Board of Natural Resources, written comments should be received by close of business on January 13, 2021.  Written comments may be e-mailed to or sent via regular mail addressed to Kate Iannuzzi, Deputy Executive Counsel, Department of Natural Resources, 2 Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive, S.E., Suite 1252, East Tower, Atlanta, Georgia 30334.

The proposed rule amendments will be considered for adoption by the Board of Natural Resources at its meeting at 9:00 a.m. on February 23, 2021, in the DNR Board Room located at 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Suite 1252, East Tower, Atlanta, Georgia 30334.  In accordance with necessary safety precautions regarding the COVID-19 virus, the public may access the meeting remotely via conference call or videoconference.  Those options will be posted on the Board’s website under the “DNR Board Menu” header here:

The amended rules are proposed for adoption pursuant to the authority contained in O.C.G.A. §§12-2-1, 12-2-2, 12-2-24, 12-3-50.1, 12-3-50.2, 12-3-55, 12-3-56, 12-3-57, 12-3-58, 12-3-80 et seq., 12-5-323, 28-5-122, 50-13-3, 50-13-4, and 50-13-9.

For further information, contact Kate Iannuzzi, Deputy Executive Counsel, at 404-656-4813.

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