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Significance of Selecting and Supporting the Right Sheriff

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LANIER COUNTY, Georgia – With just one word, “Sheriff”, causes citizens to pause and look over their shoulder for flashing lights when driving or cause a citizen to pause and wonder why the highest law enforcement individual within the county might come looking for him or her.  Almost two centuries ago back in the really wild west days, the sheriff was the one called upon to deal with gunslingers and revolver duels. Regardless, the position of sheriff remains in the majority of the United States, although, the sole elected law enforcement position in the country stands against opposition and dwindling support in these contemporary times. Sometimes it is because other elected officials would rather appoint their law enforcement officers making them easier to get them out of the way or control them if the officer disagrees with them.


Read the entire article in the October 22 edition of the Lanier County News!

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  1. Rob Keeling on October 25, 2020 at 9:26 am

    Some are mad because he enforces the law.

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