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LCS 6th and 9th Grade Traditional Open Houses Unexpectantly

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

LAKELAND, Georgia – The Lanier County Schools (LCS) “All Call” Phone Notification System unexpectedly called all students and thier parents that the planned Traditional Open House planned for Thursday, August 20th has been cancelled.  The call came on Tuesday evening, August 18th.

No other information was provided by Superintendent Anita Watson or other staff member of the Lanier County School system.

According to the public release, the following Traditional Open Houses for 6th and 9th grade students are cancelled:

Middle School – Thursday, August 20th           (New Students Only & Sixth Grade)

High School – Thursday, August 20th              (New Students Only & Ninth Grade)


According to the information given on the phone, those students whose Open Houses are affected may join the rest of the middle and high school students by visiting the school website at and click on a link to view their teacher and classroom on or after Tuesday, August 18th.

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