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MADD Works to Prevent DUI/Distracted Driving Recidivism

By Carol A. Gasser Moore


LAKELAND, GEORGIA – “Many people will remember the approximate date and time of the first mission of the SpaceX and NASA to the International Space Station in upcoming years.  They remember 9/11, but possibly not sure of the exact year, since it is remembered by its month and day.  My family has June 26th, 2009, 12:21 a.m. forever burned into their memories because that was the exact moment that my brother-in-law Steve Dunn and Jesus Antonio Resendiz-Banales were killed by a drunk driver, and Clint Talley was injured,” said Carol Moore, a MADD South Georgia volunteer.  “Four families – Dunn, Resendiz, Talley and the DUI driver –  were brought together for life-changing reasons, because someone chose to ignore her responsibility to keep herself safe while on the road, and chose to exercise a lack of responsibility for others safety while she was driving.  None of us want you to make a decision to drink and drive ever again!”

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L-R (front) MADD South Georgia volunteers: Yobani Izaguirre (Colquitt County), Sgt Nancy A Lyons (Lakeland PD), Jessica Bell (Colquitt), Tanya Bridges (Colquitt) and Buzz Davis (Colquitt).  MADD South Georgia Community Action Site Leader (standing) Gary Robinson (Colquitt). (Not pictured – Carol Moore, Lanier County)

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