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Facebook Poll Announces Two LCHS Graduations – Virtual and Real


By Carol A. Gasser Moore


“Thank you to all of the [46] seniors that participated in our graduation survey!” stated a Facebook post dated Wednesday, May 6th on the Facebook page of the Lanier County Schools.


“We will have BOTH a virtual graduation and a traditional graduation. The virtual graduation will be shared at the original date and time. The traditional ceremony will be held on June 18 at 8:00 p.m. or July 18 at 8:00 a.m. depending on when social distancing restrictions have been lifted. We will provide further information as updates are available.”


“We never imagined this year and graduation being altered. Thank you seniors for your patience during this time. We know this was not your dream. We plan to make it special for you! Congratulations to each graduate!!!!”


While not definitive, nor does the page identify its author, it would appear that an unofficial online poll is the basis for a school decision to have two graduation exercises for the Senior Class of 2020!  One will be virtual with no identified date.  One will be a correctly “social distancing” live graduation that is more tradition in either June or July.


There is no official word from the Lanier County School Superintendent Anita Watson, nor the Lanier County School Board at the time the Lanier County News published its e-edition.



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