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The Christian Way Ministries: Johnny Apple Seed

By Gary Toole, Christian Way Ministries


Johnny Apple Seed was an American folk hero.  His real name was John Chapman.  The story went like this.  Johnny Apple Seed went all over the country sowing apple seeds as he went, which apparently is where he got his nick name.  He had a real love for juicy red delicious apples.  An infatuation with apples you might say.  He was a traveler. A transit or maybe even what use to be called, “a tramp.”  How he made a living I don’t know.  He could have been like the goat man that traveled all over Georgia with his pack of goats pulling a wagon back in the 1950’s-60’s.  When he died up around Macon they discovered that he was almost a rich man.  But one thing for sure about old Johnny; everywhere he went he left behind something of value and beauty.  Apple trees with fruit that’s said to be so healthy, that one per day will keep the doctor away.  Now, that’s good apples.  Not these that taste like cardboard or shoe leather.  One of them per day will probably put you in the hospital or the cemetery.  He sowed seeds along life’s way that brat brought forth a harvest of trees with beautiful blossoms that were very pleasant to the eye.  Even the apples were tagged with a pleasant thought, “You are the apple of my eye!”  Oh how sweet it is!

The moral spiritual thought behind this story is this.  The love of God in our life is like paint.  When it’s spread it makes life bearable and beautiful.  As the sower went forth to sow.  We can spread the seeds of God’s love and His light can shine in us as we are spreading cheer everywhere to the sad and the lone.  Spreading the good news!  Sowing seeds from God’s word, that some water and then God brings forth the harvest.  Then the laborers bring in the sheaves.  We need to go out and go forth here and yonder and be as diligent in sowing the seeds of faith as old Johnny was in sowing the apple seeds.  Can you say amen?


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