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Group Seeks Establishment of a National Slavery Monument

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – A new private nonprofit group in Georgia named OCEANS, Inc. is currently seeking partners to assist the organization to work towards the establishment of a national slavery monument.
In March the group held an educational commemoration and festival called “2020 Weeping Time Commemoration” in Savannah.  It was dedicated to remembering those sold at the largest slave sale in American History.
The new group recognizes that since the 15th Century, millions of men, women and children have contributed to the rich tapestry of American life. And, almost since the beginning of the settlers’ experience, and for the next four centuries, slavery was pervasive in the land. The wealth of this country was built up primarily through the blood, sweat and tears of enslaved Africans and their African-American descendants, laboring against their will. It is a travesty and a tragedy that they have not been fully memorialized.
OCEANS, Inc. is dedicated in remembering, honoring and celebrating those who were enslaved, and bring awareness to their experiences by garnering support for the design, creation and management of a major national memorial. It also is our hope that through the creation of local, regional and national spaces for discussion, “we the people” can gather together to have meaningful dialogue about our history and to talk about it in a way that promotes reconciliation and healing.
If you are interested in learning more about OCEANS, Inc., and would like for us to come to your institution or organization, we invite you to Contact Us today. We look forward to hearing from you!
We are also here to provide educational, social, and cultural events to help raise the consciousness of all Americans to the significance of slavery in America. OCEANS, Inc. is also creating community spaces to raise awareness and foster respectful dialogue about the impact of slavery and ceremonies that promote healing.
More information is available on-line at:

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