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Secretary of State Warns Georgia Licensees Against Coercive Tactics and False Threats During Coronavirus Pandemic

GEORGIA – Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is warning Georgia’s licensees to be wary of individuals who may threaten to have their licenses revoked in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Professional Licensing Boards Division, part of the Office of the Secretary of State, has received reports of threats against the rightfully earned licenses of Georgians facing financial hardship due to COVID-19-related economic turbulence. Georgia licensees need to be aware of their rights provided under Georgia law.

“It is disheartening to hear that some of my fellow Georgians are having their livelihoods threatened by dishonest individuals even as they face their own financial hardship due to COVID-19,” said Raffensperger. “As an engineer licensed in numerous states in the U.S., including Georgia, I know the countless hours of schooling, testing, and fees required to obtain these licenses. Georgia’s licensees need to be aware of their rights. Call your licensing board, consult legal counsel and/or review the Georgia Code if anyone threatens the license you rightfully earned.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire economy, costing jobs and livelihoods across the country. With stores closed and small businesses shuttered to limit the spread of the virus, Georgia’s licensed professionals have enough to worry about. Revocation or suspension of their licenses could dramatically impact their livelihoods and is not done lightly.

If any individual, landlord, creditor, bank, or otherwise, threatens to have a license revoked or suspended, Georgia licensees should immediately contact their relevant licensing board and/or legal counsel to review their rights.

General provisions for the revocation, suspension, and renewal of professional licenses  can be found on the Professional Licensing Boards website here. Licensees can also see Georgia laws specific to each board here. For any specific legal matters, talk to a lawyer or other legal counsel.

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