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Wagners Get Help With Showering Their Special Child

By Carol A. Gasser Moore


VALDOSTA, GA – There are a growing number of local area citizens that understand that pregnancies and successful births have more to do with relaxing and realizing that it’s all in God’s hands!  It was obvious over the weekend when Robert and Elyssa Wagner were honored with a baby shower for the boy they are expecting!


“The best birth plan is finalizing a good general plan with thankfulness and the help of God,” said Robert Wagner, father of two girls and expecting his third child, a boy.  “We will continue to pray as our son continues to develop, go through birth and grow up in our family.”


“Elyssa’s pregnancy is a miracle in itself!  Only because of God’s intercession did I find myself able to experience this pregnancy.  Some time ago I was involved in an accident.  I was left with only one testical in tact, so I didn’t think a pregnancy was even possible.  God proved me wrong!”


“We are lucky to have such good friends and prayer partners,” said Alyssa.  “They have truly showered our son with the most precious gift of all … prayer!  Thank you all!”


“The only thing that is better than Elyssa, our girls and I praying,” continued Wagner, “is gathering with good friends and family members in prayer!”



Friends and family members pray with Robert and Alyssa Wagner at their baby’s shower.

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