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Did you know…? How many fathers and sons earned the Medal of Honor?


How many fathers and sons earned the Medal of Honor?

By Jack Bagley


Merry Christmas!

Yes, I am fully aware that everybody reading this column does not celebrate Christmas.  And to all of you who don’t, I wish you the joys of whatever holiday season you celebrate.  Whether it’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, all of the above, none of the above, or something I haven’t yet heard of, I hope it is your most happy and joyous ever.

For those reading this after Christmas, I hope the holiday was as happy as your circumstances will allow it to have been.

My memories of Christmas are many and joyous, considering I have 61 of them behind me now.  The first few I don’t recall, of course, but of those I remember, they’re all good.  From opening gifts with my brother and sister to now, when I see the faces of my grandchildren, I relive all the happy moments every Christmas.

I hope you do too.  And my Christmas gift to all of you, my friends, is another installment of the trivia you’ve come to look for in this space.  Merry Christmas!

Did you know …

… the CEO of Food For The Poor has a very ironic name?  One of the largest non-governmental organizations in the world, Food For The Poor is led by a man named Robin Mahfood.  (You can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

… horses focus their eyes differently from humans?  Humans use muscles in and around the eye to change its shape in order to focus.  But a horse changes the angle of its head to focus instead.  (Can you imagine a horse wearing eyeglasses?)

… smiling at a dog may not be a very good idea?  According to people who know, dogs interpret smiles as a baring of teeth, which they see as an act of aggression.  (Nice doggie …)

… the “ideal German soldier” of World War II was Werner Goldberg?  Goldberg (1919-2004) was depicted in the Berliner Tageblatt newspaper as the Ideal German Soldier during the rule of the Nazi regime.  Though he was only in the Wehrmacht, or German Army, for a short time, his photograph appeared all over Germany throughout the war as a recruiting device.  Ironically, Goldberg was half Jewish, though he did not know that until long after the war.

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