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PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD: Digital Newspaper

     Lanier County News offering FREE Classified ads for items listed under $100.  Classifieds will be posted for 30 days (four digital issues).  To delete your classified ad or make a change before the 30 days is up, email:
     You can add a picture to your classified ad and that is also FREE!  Email your photo to and let us know which classified ad it connects to.
     For realty agents and auto agents, give special attention to an individual listing or open house for $5 per month (four printed issues and on-line).  Rate is $5 for a month.  Minimum charge is $5.  Just email to add your listing under the appropriate Realty category.  Email a picture to be posted with it.  In your listing, include links to pages you have set up with many more photos, videos, etc. of the property.  Make payment for a full month by mailing a check for $5 to Lanier County News, 20 W. Thigpen Ave., Lakeland, GA 31635 or by using PayPal.
     For companies and governments seeking to hire employees:  the rate is $5 a month (four digital issues).  A minimum charge is $5.  Make payment by mailing a check to Lanier County News, 20 W. Thigpen Ave., Lakeland, GA 31635.
     The New format for the LCN Classifieds will include a “Happenings” Category which is free.  If you have an event as part of an organization or as an individual that is a benefit of some type, we want that information at Lanier County News.  Please email us at  It will freely run for 1 month (four digital issues).

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