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Woodall Receives MADD South GA Award

By Carol A. Gasser Moore

Greater Lanier area – Madd has given an award to Jennifer Woodall.  “She has worked hard to help South Georgia MADD and its citizens,” said Gary Robinson, MADD South Georgia Community Action Site Coordinator.  We appreciate her and all she’s doing to help save lives.”

Woodall is the Executive Director of the Pregnancy Care Center, Tifton.  The center has a medical clinic called Women’s First Choice.  The center helps women, who are facing unplanned pregnancies, by offering services and resources.

Woodall decided to become a part of MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) South Georgia to help raise awareness.  She has come to believe that driving under the influence is, unfortunately, a common problem that our community faces.  Along with education and consequences for actions, Woodall says “I believe there is a component to this program which helps to encourage participants to recognize their self-worth.  It’s aim is to help participants to make better decisions that will not only affect their well-being, but ultimately the community at large.  There is an element of influence that MADD South Georgia volunteers have to show people that they are not defined by their past choices.  Instead they are defined by their ability to change the course of their future.  We show them that by taking control of their actions and being a responsible citizen, they assure their own safety, their family’s safety and the safety of other people.”


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